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At Better Scalps, we’re not just another scalp micropigmentation (SMP) provider; we’re your gateway to confidence, transformation, and a renewed sense of self. Our journey began in Birmingham, England, often referred to as the birthplace of SMP, where our founder and lead practitioner, Pav Uppal, embarked on a mission to redefine SMP in Canada.

Pav, with five years of SMP expertise, honed his skills in the UK, learning from some of the industry’s most esteemed veterans. This experience laid the foundation for the birth of Better Scalps, a brand exclusively launched for the Canadian market.  Currently located in the Moncton/Dieppe of the maritimes.

Our Journey - Passion for Scalp Transformation

Explore Our Scalp Micropigmentation Journey with Better Scalps

Passion Meets Precision

Our passion for the art of SMP runs deep. We thrive on the challenge of working with a diverse range of hairlines and situations because we believe in the transformative power of SMP. But our story doesn’t end there; it begins with a deeply personal experience.

Pav intimately understands the impact of hair loss, having battled traction alopecia from a young age. In 2014, he discovered SMP, an innovative treatment in their hometown, Birmingham, UK.

After six months of extensive research and contemplation, Pav embraced SMP, resulting in a life-changing transformation. This newfound confidence ignited a deep desire to share this remarkable solution with others.

Our Commitment

At Better Scalps, our commitment is to deliver the highest level of SMP treatment. Our journey from client to practitioner has given us a unique understanding of SMP’s transformative potential. We approach each treatment with dedication, precision, and empathy, ensuring every client’s experience matches our own.

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